Build your business. Leave a legacy. Change your life.
It’s time you used your business to give you the flexibility, financial security and
generational wealth-building abilities you desire.

I’m on a mission

to help you go from unsure to unstoppable when it comes to HELPING BUILD your business

Whether you’re still at the beginning of your journey to build your business and looking to grow but you’re not sure what your next steps should be OR you’re starting to make some money in your business and know that you need to get your business protected legally, I can help you build a strong foundation and get everything you need in place to build wealth using your business.

Build Your Business

Meet your Attorney & Coach

Hi, I’m Asha Wilkerson, Esq

Business coach, licensed attorney, podcast host, and advocate for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs creating generational wealth and changing their lives through entrepreneurship.

When it comes to helping build your business to leave a legacy, I’m the one you want in your corner. I’ve spent more than a decade running my own business and providing entrepreneurs like you with the tangible TOOLS they need for their business and now I’m also serving up the education about how to truly put those tools to use for building your business, leaving a legacy and making all of your dreams for your and your family’s lives a reality.

Build Your Business

Are you looking for help to build your business and leave a legacy?

On the podcast, Asha gives you the business tools and strategies you need to grow your business, protect your intellectual property and overcome mindset blocks – plus, from time to time Asha sits down with special guests who have nuggets of gold to add to the conversation. So, are you ready to transcend your business?




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