E19: A Social Justice Committed Space for Black and Brown Entrepreneurs to Thrive

Being able to join, Transcend, and being able to you know, email you and ask questions about the business side of things has been really helpful. And then just the meetups on the third Thursday, where you can just talk to other people that are also trying to figure out how to, you know, run their business and be able to have that support and talk to people that are in a similar place as you were really helpful."

- Transcend the Membership | Client Testimonial

Episode Summary:

Welcome back to another episode of Transcend the podcast. I am so grateful for your continued viewing and listening, whether it’s in your favorite podcast app or on YouTube

I’m really excited about this week’s episode because I’m sharing with you some experiences of some of the clients who have come through the Transcend membership community. I know I can tell you all about it. I can tell you why it’s important to be surrounded by entrepreneurs who are going in the same direction, but better than I can say it, they can tell you for themselves what transformations have happened for them.

Transcend the Membership is my gift to the world. It is my commitment to equaling the playing field and providing this social justice committed space for black and brown entrepreneurs to really grow and build a business. So I am delighted about the stories that have come from members of Transcend.

Now, one more thing. I am closing the doors to the current membership structure on October 15th, which means you have just a couple more days to enroll in Transcend the Membership until the prices go up. When I relaunch again on December 1st, 2021. 

So if you were interested in joining now, especially after you hear these testimonies, I know you’re going to be interested. Also, feel free to connect with me on Instagram @ashawilkersonesq. If you have any questions. I’ll be happy to tell you all about it. So without further ado, let’s hear what the folks have to say. 

What You’ll Learn On This Episode:

  • [00:49] About Transcend the Membership
    [02:42] How Asha makes learning about business straightforward
    [03:49] A safe space for BIPOC business owners
    [04:10] The value in building a community
    [05:08] Asha’s knowledge and experience is a beacon of light
    [06:11] The importance of a space where you can have shared experiences

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