When it comes to helping you build wealth
with your business, my mission goes deeper than money.

I firmly believe that entrepreneurship gives Black and Latinx folks an opportunity like no other to build wealth, achieve financial security and make generational change happen – something that is still overdue in this country. I think you should get to have your dreams come true (whatever this looks like for you). You should know rest and economic freedom and the abundance that comes from building a business that’s set up to leave a legacy. And honestly? That’s why I’m here.

“After forming an LLC for one of my clients, he asked me how he could ‘keep all his money like the rich folks do’. That question stopped me in my tracks and changed my life”

For over a decade, I’ve helped countless California businesses go from idea to operation by creating corporations, limited liability companies, and non-profit organizations.

But that simple-yet-powerful question from my client made me realize that it wasn’t enough for me to just form businesses for my clients – I wanted (and needed!) to teach them how to use their businesses to receive maximum reward.

The thing is – there are too many business owners who can’t retire, who don’t think to sell, and who have no idea they can set up a retirement plan through their business. They end up working so hard to run the business but have no idea how to make the business work for them.

I firmly believe that you need more than just legal structure to get started and to stay in business…but most business coaches miss the mark when it comes to the legal side of things.

So, I decided to bridge my legal skills, passion for teaching, and my experience as an entrepreneur to create a business focused on supporting Black and Latinx entrepreneurs through starting, growing, and sustaining their businesses.


Only 5 percent of black Americans hold some business equity compared to 15 percent of white Americans.


Source: McKinsey

The median white family’s wealth is more than ten times the wealth of the median Black family.


Source: McKinsey

The median wealth of Latino households in 2019 was one-fifth of the median wealth held by their White peers.


Source: McKinsey

…and that’s why I help my clients and students build a strong foundation and get everything they need in place to build wealth using their businesses – so that, together, we can change up the stats and the status quo.


“Thank you for having this and for giving us this information. This group is amazing and I really appreciate it as a new business owner. Being certified during the pandemic and trying to roll out during almost the second wave of the pandemic….I will definitely be reaching out and booking a session with you to make sure that everything is set and that everything is right as far as a road map, budgeting, and things like that. So, I appreciate this space.”
"Appreciate the access to you and to other resources...attorneys, copywriting coach. I was able to clear paths that were blocked in just an hour. The accountability each week that we do meet has been so impactful to my business and my confidence. The more I learn the more brave I feel about attacking something that was scary just 6 months ago. I needed an attorney and this has been the perfect stepping stone with settling in on whatever one attorney looks like for my whole business in general. At least I can get my questions out without having to worry about a fee every hour."
“Thank you for providing the platform for this, Asha. Thank you so much for sharing and for reassuring that there are resources. Like you said earlier, our communities have not always had this information, which is why, in part, we see such disparities in the amount of money black folks have compared to white folks. This feels really good to know…obviously you still have to do your due diligence and take all the right steps and get resourced and all those things, but it is there and it is possible to live beyond just self funding.”


When I’m not coaching clients in my membership, recording my podcast or teaching workshops, you’ll find me:

Working out

Moving my body does so much for me. It clears my head, re-energizes me, and helps me stay focused on all of my goals. Taking care of yourself needs to be at the top of your to-do list which is why I love hitting the gym whenever I can.


I’ll be honest: One of the biggest things I take from my business is the freedom to work from anywhere – whether it's in my mom's house or on a beach in a warm climate.

Enjoying my life

Whether it’s reading, listening to music or hanging out with friends, finding joy in my life is one of my biggest priorities (and I’m so glad I’ve set up a business that supports that!)

Build Your Business

Are you looking for help to build your thriving business and leave a legacy?

On the podcast, Asha gives you the business tools and strategies you need to grow your business, protect your intellectual property and overcome mindset blocks – plus, from time to time Asha sits down with special guests who have nuggets of gold to add to the conversation. So, are you ready to transcend your business?