All of us started our businesses for different reasons, but I bet most of you reading this right now want to have a business that brings about a positive community impact.  There’s also this unspoken expectation for black and brown business owners to return to our communities and (almost single

I had the honor of being a guest on Paul Zelizer’s incredible Awarepreneurs Podcast where we talked about the power of starting your own business and all things related to social entrepreneurship. Not only does business ownership empower the founder, but it also empowers the founder’s family and local community.

Business ownership definitely has its perks, here are a few you may not have considered before. Independence. As a business owner, you are your own boss. You can’t get fired. More importantly, you have the freedom to make the decisions that are crucial to your own business success. This independence

California’s minimum wage will increase on January 1, 2020 to $13 per hour for employers with 26 or more employees and $12 for employers with 25 or fewer employees. California is the first state in the nation to commit to raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour statewide by

Pay close attention to the contract terms, the dispute venue, and whether or not arbitration is required.

Contracts are extremely important and it is imperative that you know and understand the terms of any contract that is drafted on your behalf and any contract you're asked to sign.

Do you set goals for your business? And does that look different from how you set goals for yourself? Let's discuss.

When you’re walking in your purpose, the universe will reward you. You will just start getting opportunities to make money doing something that you love because you’re showing up, and you’re doing it in a way that is super authentic and that connects with people. – Jannese Torres-Rodriquez Episode Summary:

I recognize that “Talking money” can be scary (and maybe even out of the norm) for many people. But, do you really have a business if your finances aren’t in order?  The simple answer…no.  The long answer….there are a few founding principles behind your business finances that are the keys

Just about everybody wants to have a bigger business, but most people don’t know how to do it. Working more hours and spending more money doesn’t always lead to higher revenue, but it will probably lead to burnout. What you need to do is scale. Watch this video to learn

Effective January 1, 2020, Oakland’s Minimum Wage rate will increase to $14.14 from $13.80 per hour. The minimum wage must be paid to employees who perform at least 2 hours of work in a particular workweek within Oakland, including part-time, temporary, and seasonal employees. #SmallBusinesses are you ready? For more