E79: Visualize Your Way to Success: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Your Goals

Have you ever wonder how successfull people set their goals and achieve them?”

- Asha Wilkerson, Esq.

Episode Summary:

Visualization has completely changed the way I pursue my goals and how I help my clients attain theirs. During my neuro coaching certification process, I learned just how important it is to make my goals vivid, tangible, and engaging to all my senses. In this episode, you’ll discover how visualization can help you achieve your goals and live your dream life more easily and quickly. I share how you can start applying this right away and share more of my experiences with this technique.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What visualization is.
  • Why visualization helps you achieve your goals faster.
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of visualization by infusing it with color, texture, feeling, and sensory experience.
  • How I use these techniques with my 1:1 clients to help them achieve their goals.
  • How you can learn how to apply visualization to your goals in the Money Making Roadmap. 

What You’ll Learn On This Episode:

  • 00:01:40 – Successful Goal Setting,

    Successful goal setting includes visualization. Adding texture and color to your goals, like seeing it play out on the big screen, helps your brain subconsciously work towards that goal. Use your five senses to make it as vivid as possible.

  • 00:05:06 – Case Study – Creating a Wellness Center,

    Visualization helped Asha’s client create her dream wellness center. They visualized what it would look, feel, and sound like and the emotions associated with it. Three months later, she found the perfect space that matched her vision.

  • 00:07:59 – Breaking Down Goals,

    Once you have your big goals and visualization, break them down into smaller chunks to make them more attainable. Dream big without limits and plan to get there with the support of your brain and community.

  • 00:09:27 – More about the Money Making Roadmap Course,

    Asha’s Money Making Roadmap course includes a section on visualization and helps you break down your goals into smaller chunks. The course also teaches you how to plan your finances to achieve those goals.

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Welcome back to another episode of Transcend the podcast. I’m happy that you are here because this week we’re going to be talking about goal setting for your dream life and your dream business. Now, I don’t know what your current practice is for goal setting. Maybe you’re someone like me who writes down goals all the time. I think naturally I go through a process about every six months of evaluating my life.


It’s kind of from a place of dramatic. Sometimes I’m like, oh, my God, I got to get my life together. And then I’ll start writing in my journal, what do I want to do in the next week, the next month, the next three months, the next quarter, six months, year? Or maybe you’re not someone who writes it down at all, but you are someone who just thinks about it. Or maybe you don’t even think about it and you’re just kind of going through the day to day process.


But I’m sure at some point you’ve probably asked the question like, how did J lo get to be so successful? How did Michael Jordan get to where he’s at in the outstanding playing career that he had? And how in the world did Oprah come up with the concept for Harpo Studios? Have you ever wondered how successful people set their goals and achieve them? Well, I’m here to give you an answer today, and the long and short of it is it’s visualization.


It’s really thinking about and looking and dreaming about where it is that you want to be. In my neuro coaching certification that I took a couple of years ago, I really understood and learned the importance of adding color and texture to your goals, of really making it almost movie like, seeing it play out in your brain. Our brain is wired to feel emotions, and our actions are governed by feelings of safety and security. And so when we have these thoughts or these dreams in our minds, they become familiar to us. They no longer become scary, and our brains will subconsciously work to get us to that goal.


You’ve probably seen it in Reverse, where you’ve heard an old song on the radio that transports you back to middle school days. I’m thinking about gosh, like, genuine is all the rage right now in the media, but I remember being in love with Genuine songs when I was a kid, and now I hear an old song from Genuine and I go right back there. Or maybe you walk into your parents house your grandparents house and you smell maybe cookies or something that just takes you back to that time in your childhood. Our brains are hardwired to associate emotions and feelings with events, and we can use that same magic to dream forward instead of just reminiscing about the past. Successful goal setting includes visualization, and successful visualization includes adding texture and color to your dreams, to your goals.


Again, think about it as if you were writing out a script for a movie or seeing it play across the big screen. You want to think about things, not just what the goal is, but what will you be wearing? Who will be around you? How will it feel? What does it feel like inside?


How proud will you feel? What emotions will be associated with it? What things will you smell? I know a lot of my friends have perfumes or colognes that they love to buy because that feels like success for them. If you’re one of those people, what kind of cologne or perfume are you going to go out and buy?


What kind of shoes are going to be on your feet? What kind of food will you be eating or drinks will you be drinking? The more color and texture that you can add to your dream goal or to your dream state of being, the more your brain will subconsciously work to get you there. Now, sometimes, admittedly, this is a challenge for me. I am pretty logical.


I definitely have emotions because I’m human, but I’m pretty logical. And so I’ll write things down from a logic based perspective, and it actually takes a little bit of work for me to get to open up and to think about how I will feel in this moment. Usually for me, when I’m thinking about my goals, the feelings or the emotions behind them are like freedom and independence and autonomy and a sense of accomplishment. But I know some people feel like relief and loved and like a cozy, warm hug or all of these different emotions that’s a little bit harder for me to tap into. And I don’t know what it would be like for you, but whatever you can do, absolutely lean into it.


Use as many of your five senses as you can, so sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste. Try and put all of those things into your journal as you’re writing your goal or into your visualization as you’re thinking about where and how you want to be in the future. A few months back, I worked with a client of mine who has her own chiropractic practice, and one of her big audacious goals was to create a wellness center. Now, the office she was in, she was actually renting from another chiropractor for three days a week. And it was great for the space that she was in and her business right then, but it wouldn’t be the space.


It is not the space that she can run a wellness practice out of. So when I asked her about what that looks like, I asked her to visualize what does the space look like? What sounds does she hear? Is it on a busy street? Is it quiet?


Are there birds around? Are there other people in the office building that she can hear? What does it sound like? What music would she play for her clients? I asked her to think about what it would feel like as she reached her goal, as she was able to bring clients into the space and then have them see other wellness practitioners as well, that could create this holistic experience.


What does it feel like to have other practitioners in the space? How often did she want to work? How many rooms did she want to rent out? How many rooms did she need for her own practice? What hours did she want to work?


All of that. And then I asked her, what would that allow her to do? How would it free up her time? How would it change her income? And what would that allow her to do?


How would that feel? So we walked through all of that process, visualizing what her space would actually look like, but then pouring on the other senses to see what it would feel like and sound like. And we didn’t do taste, because that didn’t seem quite appropriate. But if you have a food based business, absolutely taste. Or maybe you’d celebrate by taking yourself out to dinner or hiring a chef, right?


You can add taste in there as you want. And I kid you not, about three months later, my client found the perfect space. And it is a space that she still has to adjust and change. She’s got to move a wall, add a door, do some paint, maybe change the carpet. But the structure of the space is exactly what she wanted and what she saw in her visualization.


She can do the cosmetic changes to make it match specifically. But I bet that if she hadn’t spent time thinking about and putting on a movie what she wanted her goal to be, she might not have recognized the space when it was there. Because now she can put her imagination on the structure, on the space, to make it be what it needs to be. So now my client is in the process of signing the lease, working out the last bit of details, deciding what paint colors and furniture she wants to have, and then also thinking about who she’s going to invite into the space to be wellness practitioners in her building. Can you believe it?


All because she was able to visualize and put texture on her goals. She was able to make them come true really, really quickly. Now, you might be asking yourself, asha, I don’t even know where to start. I’m not a visual learner. I can’t even picture it.


I don’t know what you mean, well, that’s okay because inside the money making roadmap, I have a whole section on visualization. And in that section I’m asking you what does it taste and feel like? What does it smell like? What does it sound like? I go through a meditation.


I’ll walk you through a meditation inside of there where you can just dream without limits, without restrictions. I also ask you a number of questions as prompts that will help you to pull those things out. And if you haven’t done it before, don’t worry, it’s a practice. Just like anything else. You get better at it.


But it is really, really important to visualize the future that you want, visualize the business that you want, the goals that you have, and the life that you want to live. And to add that texture, once you get really clear on what your big goals are and the visualization that goes with them, you can break them down into smaller chunks, making it much easier to attain. So it’s not oftentimes we don’t dream really big because we feel like we’re so far away from that dream. But dream big, dream without limits, visualize with reckless abandon. And then set yourself up to break it into smaller chunks so that you can get there.


And you can get there in a way that your brain is supporting you and your community is behind you, so you know that you will reach your goal. If you’re looking for some support around goal setting and visualization the money making roadmap course is for you. Again. There’s a whole section on visualization. But then right after that, we go into looking at the numbers and helping you plan so you can break down that big goal into smaller chunks, knowing exactly what you’ll need to sell, what you’ll need to make in order to pay bills and live the life that you want to live.


There’s a link in the show notes. Enjoy and I will see you next week. Thank you so much for listening. If you want to hear more on how you can align your business and your life with me as a coach, head to the Show Notes and sign up for the email list. See you next week.

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