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Image of Asha, text says, "Let's form your LLC."

From Me to LLC! 


Are you ready to start your business, but don’t know how? Are you ready to create a solid foundation for your business and operate like a boss?

From Me to LLC is a workshop that teaches you how to form and run your California limited liability company.

This is about starting your entrepreneurial journey off with the right foundation, in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, with the guidance of an attorney and business coach.

In this Live Workshop, we will teach you the pros & cons of both for-profit, and non-profit organizations. 

 We’ll go over all the options available to you, so that you can make an informed  decision. 

Our goal, is to help entrepreneurs like yourself, start a successful  business whether is For-Profit or Not. We want to see you there.

Join us on Thursday, March 25th at 10 am PST 

Don’t wait! 

What’s So Great About an LLC Anyway?

(Instant Access)

What the heck is an LLC?

Are you thinking about starting business and don’t know whether an LLC, corporation, or something totally different is right for you?

You don’t have to have all the answers, you just need to know where to go to get them.

Lucky for you I’m going to talk about this very thing in the webinar.

Registration is free and the link is right below. Sign up and get some good info so you can build your empire on a solid foundation.

Read For Your Questions

Ask Asha

Fridays at 1pm PST.


This is your chance to ask me any general business or legal question in a group setting for FREE!

In addition, I’m going to be talking about Top Challenges for Small Business Owner and I want your opinion.

Stay tuned for upcoming Live Sessions


Join the live session and see you soon! Protect Your Business’ Financial Future.

Not Finding the Legal Help You're Looking For?

Maybe you’re not ready for a class or a workshop and need a bit more information. No problem, check out the blog and our service offerings and I’m sure you’ll get the information you need. 

And if you’re ready for a consultation?
Let’s do it!