E03: Grow and Scale Your Business

How can you take your service or your offering, put it into a smaller package that's easier to sell, and then how can you turn that package into a digital product that can live on the internet, be evergreen and doesn't require you to be physically present or to be actually doing something for someone to get the information and for you to make money?

- Asha Wilkerson, Esq.

Episode Summary:

Growing and scaling your business is something that plenty of people have an opinion on. From  what to do and how to do it to the shortcuts they believe will get you there faster.

Instead of focusing on hacks and shortcuts, in this episode, I share with you two proven ways to scale your business. The first is hiring a team and the second is productizing your business offerings.

One of the hardest things to do as an entrepreneur is to hire your first employee and it requires a lot of trust in yourself to make sure that you’re going to find the right person and a lot of trust in the other person to make sure that they are going to do right by you and right by the business.

I also share with you the strategies I’ve used in my own business to productize my services and offer digital products that have helped me scale beyond 1-to-1 services.

What You’ll Learn On This Episode:

  • [01:33] Finding the right person to hire for your business 
  • [05:37] Filling in the areas of weakness for your business
  • [07:08] Productizing and digitizing your offers to scale efficiently
  • [06:40] Protecting your work no matter where you are 

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