E05: Building Wealth Through Your Passion with Jannese Torres-Rodriquez

When you're walking in your purpose, the universe will reward you. You will just start getting opportunities to make money doing something that you love because you're showing up, and you're doing it in a way that is super authentic and that connects with people.

- Jannese Torres-Rodriquez

Episode Summary:

Jannese Torres-Rodriguez is a personal finance expert, speaker, writer, business coach, and the host and creator of the Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast. Jannese teaches women of color how to build wealth and gain financial independence through side-hustles and investing.

In this episode, I talk to Jannese about her journey to become a digital entrepreneur. Jannese considers herself a serial entrepreneur, building business ventures related to influencer marketing, speaking engagements, digital workshops, courses, freelance writing, and affiliate marketing. We discuss the many ways we can tap into our passions to monetize our skills and talents online.

What You’ll Learn On This Episode:

  • [03:14] Jannese’s describes her side hustles 
  • [04:13] How Jannese started her entrepreneurship journey
  • [06:59] Doing something you love and building a future built on your passions  
  • [08:56] Side-hustles and the entrepreneurship experiences of people of color
  • [10:47] Why Jannese believes in earning more, rather than spending less
  • [14:25] How Jannese reached financial independence
  • [18:51] The realization of having a business and not just a hobby 
  • [20:32] Benefits of formalizing your business as an LLC
  • [22:25] The IRS tax code does not favor W2 workers
  • [26:40] Importance of working with a team to grow your business
  • [28:34] Understanding passive income sources 
  • [31:16] Advice for those who are starting their entrepreneurial journey

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