E08: IP or LLC, Which Comes First? With Kristen G. Roberts

I always like to think of intellectual property as an umbrella term for your overall portfolio. And your portfolio is usually going to consist of three key components, trademark, copyright, and patent. And then the fourth kind of side component, trade secrets.

- Kristen G. Roberts, Esq.

Episode Summary:

In today’s episode of TRANSCEND the Podcast, we are joined by a very special guest Kristen G. Roberts. Not only is Kristen an award-winning attorney, but she is also the founder and managing attorney of Trestle Law. Her firm specializes in helping businesses and their owners protect their brands along with other valuable intellectual property. She is highly accomplished in the fields of trademark and copyright law, from both transactional and litigation standpoints, and is dedicated to representing and protecting her clients’ intellectual property interests.

Tuning in, you’ll hear Kristen outline the critical components of intellectual property, namely trademark, copyright, patent, and trade secret. She explains how these elements interact in business and why licensing intellectual property is integral to building a legacy and ensuring long-term earnings. We delve into how the intellectual property of BIPOC has historically been exploited and why it’s still an uphill battle, even with the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement. Kristen shares her answer to the question ‘IP or LLC, which comes first?’ and outlines why establishing an LLC protects you as an individual. We loved having Kristen on the show to share her wealth of knowledge and expertise. 

What You’ll Learn On This Episode:

  • [01:38] Introducing today’s guest Kristen G. Roberts
  • [03:45] The four key components of Intellectual Property Law: trademark, copyright, patent, and trade secret
  • [04:20] How copyright is used to protect anything with a creative element to it
  • [05:59] Examples of how companies protect their trademarks
  • [07:11] What patents cover and why they are so complex
  • [08:21] Why it’s essential to use your time and energy to protect intellectual property
  • [10:38] How smaller companies and individuals can use the vertical market to advance in their business
  • [11:38] The various ways your IP enable you to make money long-term
  • [16:03] Why it’s essential to address intellectual property rights during your contract negotiation
  • [18:11] How to license intellectual property and why it’s important
  • [22:17] Businesses that have earned a profit from their trademark, despite lacking success in their field
  • [24:30] How trademarks are integral to building a legacy
  • [28:19] How establishing a Limited Liability Company protects you as an individual
  • [33:00] The value of having the correct mindset when you start a business
  • [36:36] How entrepreneurship has changed Kristen’s life

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