E29: Looking Ahead to 2022 with Leslie Tagorda

The one key signature that defines all of 2022 is the meet-up between Jupiter and Neptune, and they're both home signs of Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune are both spiritual, visionary energies."

- Leslie Tagorda

Episode Summary:

We spend so much time deliberating over decisions in life and business. We often act in discordance with our intuition, stuck in a perpetual cycle of work due to outside pressure from western, patriarchal expectations. However, there is an abundance of ancestral wisdom that we have at our disposal, and by looking at our astrological charts, we can access it! Furthermore, there is much to be learned from the planets about what is in store for us in 2022!

Today on the show we welcome Leslie Tagorda of New Moon Creative, a multiracial brand astrologer, designer, podcast host, and author. As an Aquarius (Sun), Sagittarius (Moon), Gemini (Rising), and Human Design Projector, Leslie has found her calling navigating visionary spiritual entrepreneurs and social impact makers to their star-charted success in their spiritual journey through their work.

Our conversation with Leslie is all about how our natal charts can help us break free from external conditioning and act in alignment with the celestial energies. She talks about how she helps her clients stop wasting time and making choices that stand in dissonance with their stars. We also get into the astrological happenings of 2020 and what the movements of the planetary bodies can tell us about the coming year.

What You’ll Learn On This Episode:

  • [03:31] How astrology can connect you back to your ancestral roots
  • [06:03] How astrology can help with relearning natural cycles in life
  • [08:04] How Leslie helped Asha align her business with her chart
  • [11:10] Finding our moon sign and what Asha’s represents about her
  • [12:18] How Leslie helps her clients integrate ancestral wisdom into their businesses
  • [16:32] The science behind astrology and how it has been studied alongside astronomy
  • [19:00] Astronomical convergences in 2020 and their impact on 2021 and 2022
  • [21:54] What the Saturn Uranus square event says about 2022: a future breakthrough!
  • [28:18] The meetup between Jupiter and Neptune and the rise in spirituality it will trigger
  • [31:12] The power of learning to reframe judgment and challenges
  • [35:44] How Leslie used astrology to help reinvent her business
  • [39:10] What is coming up for Asha in terms of her own spirituality
  • [43:35] How to connect with Leslie online and engage in her services

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LT: We have to honor the land that we currently live on, because Taurus the archetype of Taurus is about our resources, our money, our land, the physical things that help us survive and thrive. Uranus is revolutionizing that. In so many ways, we are tapping back to the roots of what do we need to have our physical resources satisfied.”




[00:00:28] AW: You’re listening to The Transcend Podcast. I’m your host, Asha Wilkerson, an attorney by training and an educator at heart. This podcast is all about empowering you to build a business and leave a legacy. Here’s the thing, the wealth gap in America is consistently increasing and while full-time entrepreneurship is not for everyone, even a side hustle can change your financial landscape if you’re intentional about using your business to build wealth.


I’ve run my own law firm for over 10 years and in that time, I’ve helped countless California businesses go from idea to six figures. On this podcast, we talk about what it truly takes to build a sustainable business and find financial freedom. Let’s dive in.




[00:01:14] AW: Welcome back to another episode of Transcend the Podcast. Today we have Leslie Tagorda of New Moon Creative here. I am so excited for this podcast episode. We talked about everything from where did the astrology originate, to how do you use astrology in your natal chart to figure out what you should be doing, not should be doing, but could be doing in entrepreneurship to really incorporating just connecting back to our ancestors to what’s going on right now.


Also, you’re going to want to listen, because Leslie gives a little bit of explanation of what we can expect in 2022, using the astrology processes and methods that have been studied for millennia. Without further ado, welcome Leslie.


Leslie is a super badass businesswoman, marketing woman, has many programs that I have been through and her unique special sauce is adding some astrology on top of the business. You like to say that you don’t give advice, or coaching, but some of the business – but you do, you really actually do. Astrology on top of the business coaching and advice and direction that she gives. Welcome, Leslie, to the podcast.


[00:02:22] LT: Thank you for having me, Asha. What a delight.


[00:02:26] AW: I’m so excited to have you on here. I’ve been following Leslie for a little bit over a year now, maybe like a year and a half. We first connected in Rachel Rodgers’ group, We Should All Be Millionaires. You were one of the businesses that she highlighted as being successful in growing, in that 10K and 10 days challenge. I was just like, “Oh, God, I’m not there, but she’s amazing. She’s right across the Bay in San Francisco like, who is this woman? I need to get to know her.” Leslie, I gave a little bit of a background about what to do. But if you were to explain it yourself, how would you explain your business and who you are?


[00:03:00] LT: Yeah. In a nutshell, I call myself a brand astrologer, because I love astrology and I love spiritual tools. I love using them in practical ways in our businesses, so that we don’t have to copy, we don’t have to guess, we don’t have to waste time comparing. We can really tap into our star powers and use the strategies of spirits, and the stars in our businesses.


[00:03:26] AW: I love that. Right before we started recording these, we talked about, people of color really moving, at least in the United States seeming to reach back and move back towards more of our ancestral roots, and maybe more away from these western ideologies, western religions and things like that. How does astrology connect us back to our ancestors and that, yeah, just set an ancestral wisdom?


[00:03:50] LT: Gosh, there are so many roots that connect us back to our ancestral wisdom. When we’re looking at our natal charts, the chart that was cast at that time and place that you took your first breath. We can look at our moon sign as one of the legacies. It taps us back through our legacy. There’s also the lowest point in our chart called the IC or the Imum Coeli, that is the roots of our chart and that can pinpoint us, and give us insight as to what we need and what we need to be nourished from an ancestral place from this deep emotional need.


As a collective, the stars are always going around and there are timekeepers, there are cycles, there are seasons for millennia. Humans have co-evolved on this beautiful planet with the celestials, with the moon every month, with the sun every day, every year, and all of these other planets. We are coming back to looking at these seasons of these different planets and the archetypes and using them and harnessing them in our own businesses. We’re not always like overworking and over-doubting and overthinking. All those things that capitalism, the patriarchy, the systems of oppression that we have all lived under those systems, those are all now breaking down. We’re coming back to, you can call it traditional, I call it more ancient ways of living. We’re living in more reciprocal means. I’m so excited about this tide changing.


[00:05:25] AW: Yeah, definitely. We’re in flow when we’re – there’s so much of this skills that I developed that I’m currently trying to unlearn. I feel like we spent the first 18 years of our lives learning and then the rest of our lives trying to unlearn all these things.


[00:05:38] LT: For sure.


[00:05:40] AW: The first 25 years, and then trying to unlearn after that, but that push, I feel like in myself, I have this push, I’ve got to achieve, I’ve got to do this. I’ve been conditioned in sports and otherwise learn that you don’t really get time for rest. But when you’re looking at your astrological chart or just astrology in general, you mentioned cycles, right? There are times to push, times to rest, time to create. Things like that. Is that Is that correct?


[00:06:09] LT: Yes. 100% correct. Sometimes that’s really hard for us to swallow, right? Because, like you said, especially as women entrepreneurs or women of color entrepreneurs, we have been fed, spoon fed that in order to be worthy, we have to always be working in order to be successful, we have to work five times, 10 times. Be so much better than everybody else. So for generations, we’ve been taught this and it’s in our blood. So we don’t give our chat ourselves the chance to rest or when we do we are fraught with guilt.


[00:06:47] AW: Yeah. Totally.


[00:06:49] LT: Even before we hit record, we’re talking about like sneaking around a little bit just to –


[00:06:55] AW: Right, totally. Yeah. Find a break and then not actually taking a break, because you feel guilty about not doing “what’s expected” right? Definitely.


[00:07:04] LT: When we start to look at our seasons in different ways, like the moon travels around our chart once a month, and it can show us these certain days of the month, whether you have a cycle or you don’t have a cycle. If you have a uterus or you don’t have a uterus, there are certain days in the month where you can’t move, your bones don’t want to get up. Then also on an annual basis, as the sun goes around your chart throughout the entire year, then as the sun activates different parts of your chart, there are times to be at home, there are times to harvest and work hard, there’s times to connect and co-create.


By returning to these seasons, that we start to live within the accordance of nature and we don’t overwork ourselves. Although, I’m sitting here and talking to you about this practical medicine and our lives and our businesses, and I’m freaking exhausted. I’ve been pushing myself to the bone.


[00:08:04] AW: Yeah. Totally right. It’s one thing to also to have the wisdom and the knowledge and then the step two, right is to put into practice. It doesn’t mean that we always get it right there. I give people advice all the time, that’s what I do and it’s already and then I’m like, “You know what, I should probably do that too.” I know better. It still need to set up my will and estate plan and all that stuff, right? Even though, I know. Yes.


So that is just a very real aspect of being human, right. I remember last year. I was, when I was getting ready to launch Transcend the Membership. I was talking to you, because you will give advice to business owners about helping them find their understanding, how they should show up in business, what are the needs that the business, needs to meet for them, right? That’s the moon side I believe –


[00:08:49] LT: Yeah. Yes, that emotional needs. I remember that was so fascinating for you, like “Wait, my business is supposed to satisfy an emotional need.” I was like, “Asha.”


[00:09:00] AW: What are you doing? I guess, I thought my mission is to help people, but I didn’t realize it that was tied into my chart and into my personality. As I was explaining it to a friend of mine, she was like, “Well, it makes sense, because this is your chart and your chart is a reflection of you, and your business is a reflection and extension of you.” I think it has been really grounding and centering for me to come back into myself. It’s been a tool to help me come back into myself, because especially when you’re building, you look at other people who are where you want to be and everyone will tell you this is what I did to get to this step and this is exactly what you need to do. But that’s probably not exactly what you need to do, because that’s what worked for them based on who they are, when they were born.


The stars and alignment for their chart, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. So when we were speaking last year, it was I think, February or March and I was like, I’m just exhausted and you’re like, “Yeah. Well in your chart, according to your chart, every February you should feel – you’re probably feeling really tired and need to rest.” I was like, “You know what? I think that’s true.” The semester starts every January. I’m like, I just had a month off. I hadn’t, I just thought that there was maybe something wrong as opposed to just honoring the feelings and the cycle that I was in and was trying to push through. So that was clarity for me. So, thank you for that.


[00:10:31] LT: You’re welcome. You’re welcome. Yeah. For you, of course, I’m looking at your chart as the sun goes through your fourth house. For those listening, our charts are a circle chart and they’re dividing these like 12 little pie slices. The fourth house, the one of the slices at the very bottom, when our son goes through that fourth house, it’s a time where we want to declutter. We want to come back home. We want to come to our roots. For you, Asha, if you need to be teaching, do it from your bed, under your cozy cover –


[00:11:03] AW: I love that idea. I love that idea. Yes.


[00:11:08] LT: I wanted to remark on something about your chart, just so people know you a little bit better and just like the kind of change that you are really here to, as the service to others. We’re talking about your moon sign. This is an easy thing for everybody listening is to find out what your moon sign is. Your moon sign is based on the time and place of your birth, because the moon travels through each sign every two and a half days. So Asha, you are an Aries moon and your son is a Libra sun. So you were born just an hour before the full moon, like you’re a full moon baby.


There are so many powerful women change makers that have that same full moon, that Aries moon and that Libra sun. We have lots of politicians Kamala Harris, AOC. There’s like, all this full moon energy are here to illuminate, what is wrong in this world? Let’s make a change. That’s your service to others.


[00:12:08] AW: Yeah. Well, I’m working every day to try and make that happen. Thank you for putting it so clearly and so beautifully. Let me just ask you a couple things, but how do you help business owners to get back in touch with their chart? I’ve been through a couple different trainings that were absolutely fantastic. But can you explain to the folks who are listening, if they want to learn a little bit more about how can they integrate this ancestral wisdom and knowledge into their business, into their lives? How do they do that? How can they work with you?


[00:12:38] LT: Yeah. If I could rewind a little bit, what you were saying earlier about when you’re speaking with your friend about how our businesses are reflections of us, extensions of us. I really do believe that, that as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, as a change maker, we have not chose the easy path, right? We could have gone and gotten a job or you could have become a partner at some other place, but that does not fit for me. I have this drive, this calling, I’ve been calling this our work with a capital W, that our work is part of us.


So when we think back to our work, like you said, we grow up learning all of this conditioning, that some of us just doesn’t belong to us anymore. So what I to do with astrology is come back and decondition, get rid of all of those should, so we can come back to that pure essence of what you do so well, that’s represented by your sun, why you want to do things in your way, represented by your moon, how you’re supposed to show up and lead and provide everything for your allies, for your customers that’s based on your rising sign and exactly who your ideal customer is, because you are designed to serve a particular type of customer that has a specific type of problem.


For you, Asha, your ideal customers, they are really, they’re looking for peace and they’re looking for prosperity. We’re actually helping them find that peace and prosperity, so that they can make a social impact in their worlds to build out this legacy. Not just for them and their families, but for the future of humanity. You are working for some major change makers.


[00:14:22] AW: Yeah. Absolutely. We have changes to make, I think everybody feels it. Trying to provide that strategy and that encouragement along the way, because it can be done, we need a little bit of a system to be able to do it. Yeah. That’s beautiful.


[00:14:39] LT: When I’m looking at astrology, then from this place of our strengths, our leadership and our identities, so that we can shed all of the shoulds, then that’s where astrology really comes in, because how many of us? I know, I have wasted hours, wasted years, wasted too much time guessing on who my ideal customer is trying to be like a certain strength. Then when I looked back to my astrology, I was like, “Oh my gosh. It’s right here. I don’t have to guess. I don’t have to copy. I don’t have to waste all this energy.” Instead, we can work in ease and flow. So that’s where I love bringing the astrology part into people’s businesses, so they can start to use their strengths as a strategic tool, instead of just guessing.


[00:15:24] AW: Right. Yeah. No, I love that. It’s beautiful. It also still gives you room to decide, what is the vehicle you’re going to use to do it, right? You’re helping people figure out or not even figuring out, you’re showing people in their chart who their ideal customer is, because it’s in the chart and showing them their strengths that are reflected in their chart. But then they get to choose whether it’s one on one service or it’s an evergreen program or it’s building a company or it’s serving people in some other a way. But those fixtures that really light you up and make you feel good, allow you to be in your zone of genius to steal from another framework is all right there.


[00:16:07] LT: It’s all there.


[00:16:08] AW: Yeah. How much of this is science? How much of it – because you’ll get the people were like, “Oh fortune tellers.” Things like that. But it’s not fortune telling and from my, just limited research, astronomy and astrology used to be either tap together, study together, way back millennia ago. Is that your understanding, too?


[00:16:30] LT: Yes, that is definitely true. The astronomers and astrologers of the turn of the century, they were one in the same. I mean, even until they people that Galileo and Kepler, they were both studying both astronomy and astrology. Where astronomy was you can, how moderners, how we would reframe it was the science and the data of looking at the orbits of these different celestials and the impact that they have. Then the astrology part was giving meaning and symbolism to these different elements. These meanings were created for past that 2000 year mark, if we go backwards even more, 2000 more years.


Then astrologers were always documenting, like things that happened in countries, to people based on these different events. The science part today for any skeptics, probably one of the biggest, most well-known research and I don’t actually have the details on what this paper was. But there was a bunch of researchers that studied professional athletes. Notoriously, professional athletes would have Mars, which Mars represents our physical energy in our drive. It’s just like, it’s all energy. Almost all professional athletes have their Mars on their rising sign or at their mid-heaven in these very two prominent places. So even with entrepreneurs, I can see certain things that are like, “Oh, yeah, this person, there’s no way that they can work for somebody else.”


[00:18:04] AW: Right, right.


[00:18:06] LT: If they do, then they’re totally drained and they’re totally tired. They’re just working against themselves.


[00:18:13] AW: Yeah. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Thank you for making that clear.




[00:18:17] AW: Hey, excuse me, pardon the interruption. I know you were listening intently to the podcast. I just want to tell you, that I’ve got this great checklist for you to download. If you are a new business owner or even if you’re thinking about starting a new business. It’s called the New Business Checklist. It’s got 12 things that you need to know as a new business owner, to help grow your business and make it ready for the wealth infusion that you’re going to have. So then you can leave a financial legacy for your kids and your kids, kids and your kids, kids, kids. If you’re ready for that checklist, head on over to transcendthemembership.com/checklist and get it for free.




[00:18:56] AW: You mentioned that two, 4000 years ago, that there was documentation of things that were happening in countries and events and things like that. What can we see that is coming up for 2022?


[00:19:10] LT: Oh, yes.


[00:19:11] AW: Everybody is like, “What is happening? Because we’ve just been through, we’re not through the pandemic, yet. We’re still in the midst of a pandemic, right? Things feel like they’re moving, but they haven’t returned to “normal as they were” so as business owners, as businesses of color, what are some of the things that we might be on the lookout for in the coming year?


[00:19:35] LT: There’s a few things. If you wouldn’t mind, if I am allowed to rewind a little bit back to 2020 when basically our world as we knew it, just basically shut down and we’re still recovering from it. 2020 astrologically was just an unprecedented year. If you’re still listening and you’re super interested in astrology, you probably got interested in astrology right around 2020, because people who have been studying astrology for a long time and they’ve been looking back to 2020, ever since the 1900s and going, “What is going on with 2020?” Because there were meet-ups, after meet-ups, after meet-ups.


Saturn and Jupiter are two social planets, and they meet every 20 years or so. In 2020, in December of 2020, Saturn and Jupiter, they met-up in the sign of Aquarius. They haven’t met-up in the sign of Aquarius for like the last, oh my gosh, I should know these details, but even though they meet-up every 20 years, they don’t change elements for 800 years. Okay, so that’s one thing. Then Saturn and Pluto met-up in 2020, they meet up every 13 years. Jupiter and Pluto, they met-up, they meet-up every 12 years or so.


These three planets, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in 2020, all of them kept on converging multiple times in 2020. How to explain this is like, the conjunctions that happen in 2020 all of the changes that happen, we would normally see in a decade span, and they all happened in a one year span. So this was a complete, a shock and awe like thinking of a big earthquake. So 2020 was an earthquake, right? We can’t go back, but now we’re going to go forward. Oh, my gosh, there’s so much cleanup to do.


[00:21:26] AW: Yeah.


[00:21:27] LT: In 2021, in some respects, it felt so much harder than 2020, because 2020, we’re just trying to stay on with our head above water and in 2021, now we have to sustain. Now we have to break down all the boxes, clear up all the rubble, figure out how we’re going to live again, how we’re going to partner again. There’s some of those themes that are going to continue into 2022. So the biggest theme that’s like 2021, 2022 is Saturn, Uranus Square. Saturn is the planet of discipline of structure on a collective level, it’s like systems, like our government systems, all of the systems that are getting products from Asia to the United States, all of the social systems that we have going on.


Uranus is the revolutionary. Uranus in Taurus and earth sign is saying, “Hey, we have to revolutionize our environment. We have to revolutionize our money, our physical resources.” 2021 and shortly depending on when this episode gets aired, on December 23rd, Saturn and Uranus Square off again and they’ve been squaring off for three times in 2021 and then almost all of 2022, they’ll be squaring off. What this means is that, there is an innovation a breaking point, so that we can break through. We’re not done yet. What this feels like, I’ve been telling my clients what this feels like a personal level, is that we’re breaking down boxes.


What I mean by that, is you think about all of our education and all of our conditioning and we’ve been put in these tiny boxes. Like okay, Asha, you are a woman. You’re a woman of color. I’m going to put you in this tiny little box, because that’s where you belong. That’s where society says, you belong here. You’re like, “I don’t fit in this box. This box doesn’t fit for me. It’s too tight in here. It’s cramped up, I’m so much bigger.” So for all of us, there’s some box that we’ve been put in that we’re breaking down those boxes, the box is shrinking, like there’s just too much recycling that’s coming forward.


So in our businesses, how we are collectively breaking down the boxes is that we’re deciding that we’re not going to be doing things the way that business gurus have said, it’s like a one way. You alluded to this earlier about, this one way worked for me, so it’s going to work for you. If it doesn’t work for you, then what’s wrong with you? That is such a narrative that we’ve heard in the online business space for so long. What astrology is trying to tell us is, there is no one path and that you as your own business owner, as the master of your own destiny, as the person who is driving the ship. You create your path and how do you become your own guru.


One of the ways with Uranus, people think of Uranus as being the revolutionary innovation, new technology, but what we forget that the original root word of revolution is to come back.


[00:24:42] AW: Back, right. Re-right remains to return to comeback, again.


[00:24:47] LT: For a lot of us and I know that for so many of us many of your listeners, we feel this re-awakening. We need to tap back into our ancestral wisdom and our ancestral knowledge. We have to honor the land that we currently live on, because Taurus, the archetype of Taurus is about our resources, our money, our land, the physical things that help us survive and thrive. Uranus is revolutionizing that.


So in so many ways, we are tapping back to the roots of what do we need to have our physical resources satisfied. Collectively, the environment, some astrologers talk about digital currencies, but for me, I really see it coming back to traditional ways of living in this reciprocal way. Where, yes, we’re all making money, but we’re not being greedy. We’re revolutionizing that. Did I answer the question? I think, I went on many tangents, but I think I answered the question.


[00:25:49] AW: I think, it was a beautiful answer, no matter what the question was. I really appreciate that, because sometimes it feels like we’re doing it wrong, right? We have all these judgments, because of all of the images that we see. At least, within me personally, there is this deep desire to slow down, to simplify, to not be doing so much, right? That feels like a revolution, like coming back not just revolutionary, because it’s shaking up the system, but a return to, like you said, this simpler life and lifestyle keeping the main thing, the main thing and forgetting everything else or choosing not to engage or choosing how to engage with everything else as it serves.


There’s a sense for me personally of finally feeling like it’s okay to put myself first and what I want first and then everything else will come out of that, as opposed to serving other people first and other systems first and then taking care of myself last. So I think that’s in the same energy it feels like, it’s right there.


[00:26:53] LT: Oh, my gosh. That’s so beautiful for you, Asha. Because that is what, like your moon in Aries in the sixth house that says you have to take care of your own needs and your own health and your own routines first before you can serve others.


[00:27:06] AW: Right.


[00:27:06] LT: Be seen as the true is the leader that you are.

[00:27:09] AW: Yeah. Which is so counterintuitive, because that’s not what I had done, I mean, I’m always taking care of myself, but I’ve always taken care of myself after I have taken care of everything and everyone else, right? I’m scared for what happens when I get married and have children, because I’m single right now and I already do that. I want to have some dependents, so I read it, really carefully.


[00:27:32] LT: That’s exciting. But if you’re on the lookout for love, look out for the unexpected. Somebody who’s not going to normally fit what you would normally think of in a partner, because Uranus is transiting your seventh house, so unexpected, surprising attractions.


[00:27:47] AW: I think, Uranus has been in my seventh house for a little while. Honestly, it’s terrifying. I mean, it’s exciting to go, okay, the unexpected and also, terrifying to go, “Oh, God. What’s coming next?” That’s awesome. All right, is there anything else that is happening in 2022 that you think we should be on the lookout for?


[00:28:09] LT: Yes, the one key signature that defines all of 2022 is the meet-up between Jupiter and Neptune, and they’re both home sign of Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune are both spiritual, visionary energies. Where Jupiter’s more about our social justice and our own structures and man-made spirituality and belief systems and philosophy where then Neptune just expands it and makes it less physical and makes it more Meta. So interconnection, I always call Neptune, the one love, you know the Bob Marley song, One Love. To me, that is Neptune, where we can see how as the humankind, we are all interconnected. Not just in this physical plane. I know that’s getting a little bit woo-woo. But thinking of all of our ancestors, and all of the star guys that are here to serve us, we are all part of one.


They meet up in April, and Pisces and to me, I see this as a huge burst of spiritual expansion and visionary belief. So regardless if you are a spiritual entrepreneur, meaning like you are using spirituality explicitly in your business or – as a lawyer, maybe you’re doing some things behind the scenes or not exactly implicitly. There is going to be an expansion and arise of this spirituality coming forth. Whatever the spirituality or imagination or vision or connection to others, there’s this expansiveness coming.


Now there are shadow sides with that. I’m always choosing to look at the bright sides and wanting to bring out Love and optimism and that part. But – sides are also fanaticism and some of those other kinds of shadow expressions, I don’t need to go there, but if we can all remember to believe and to lead with love and to remember that we are all connected, that is going to really bring us through 2022. I think of it as more optimistic. I see the if we thinking about the pandemic, one of those Saturn, Pluto and they met up in 2020 is a signature of these pandemics, almost all of like the global pandemics for millennia have been attached to those meet-ups and 2022 with the Neptune evolving COVID, we shall see, but I think it’s going to lighten up a little bit for us and become endemic. That’s what the scientists are saying anyways, so it’s supported by cycles of the stars, as well.


[00:31:02] AW: That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Thank you. So you did mention like the shadow side a little bit. I do want to touch on that, because I do really appreciate how you are optimistic and bring up the positive, but you don’t dismiss the shadow side of ourselves when you’re teaching us how to interpret our own charts. I think that, that’s important, especially because entrepreneurship has its ups and downs and that is just a cycle. You can look on Instagram or on social media and people generally just show their ups.


I think, it’s really important to understand what your strengths in shadows are or strengths and you can call it weaknesses or challenges are. I like the word shadow, I think, I like the word challenges, because they’re not negative is a connotation that we can choose to put on it. Those things are there and they’re not negative, they’re only negative if we say that we’re negative, right? But there are things that can be challenges. So how do you use the natal chart to help people understand, what are some of the challenge areas that they have the tools to work through, or what they might need to develop those tools to work through?


[00:32:16] LT: Yes, yes, yes. Oh, it’s such a great question, because one of the things that I am using astrology with I find you’re mentioning at the very, very beginning. I don’t like to say that I call myself a coach, although I constantly am helping my clients reframe judgments. When we think about a judgment is like, that’s when we are defining a situation or experiences as good as bad. Maybe the experience was challenging, but that challenging experience really pushed you forward and you accomplished way more than you could possibly have ever accomplished.


If we look back then was that challenging experience good or bad? Maybe we don’t have to place judgment on it. Asha, with your beautiful Libra Sun, conjunct Pluto, super empowering, conjunct Mercury, your ability to speak with beauty and clarity. Now, sometimes if you did any research on Libra. People say “Oh, Libra indecisive.” Is that serving? Does that really serve you to be connected to like oh, it’s indecisive. What if we reframed it and said, “Oh, well, Libra wants to keep the peace and diplomacy.” So you can see both sides of the coin. Of course, maybe justice she is the epitome of Libra with her blindfolds, holding the scale.


Then we start to reframe that. Then we look at Libra and say, “Oh, well, Libra here is to connect people together, build relationships.” Then we take that to the next level. How do I confidently express these beautiful parts of my Libra self that, “Hey, my ability to see many sides of a situation is what’s creating diplomacy and understanding and connection between all the parties involved.” Let me take it to that next level from communicating to then finding situations in your business where you are constantly using and reframing that people pleasing tendency. It’s not that, it’s creating peace and diplomacy and understanding between different parties. That’s what it is.


[00:34:29] AW: Love it. I’m going to take that out and put it on my wall or my myself, so whenever I have doubts, I’m just going to look at it again and again and again.


[00:34:40] LT: To further clarify, just to hone it in. It’s like we’re taking the shadow sides or these judgments of some of our natal energies and reframing them, because all of our challenges, all of our past experiences. If we start to reframe them and look at how we’ve overcome and surpassed and worked around to accommodate certain perceived weaknesses or past experiences, those accommodations, those tools that we learned, those are our goals. That’s like how what we’re supposed to work into our offerings, because we’ve achieved despite those experiences.


[00:35:18] AW: Right, right, or possibly achieved because of some of those experiences, right?


[00:35:22] LT: Yes.


[00:35:23] AW: From the perspective of everything happens for you, instead of things happen to you.


[00:35:27] LT: Yes.


[00:35:28] AW: Yeah. I think that’s great. I always tell people to show up exactly as you are, bring your full self to the table. I think, connecting back to our ancestors and understanding our history helps that. How have you use astrology to help you do that in your own business?


[00:35:44] LT: Oh, my goodness. Well, I’ve had a business. Let’s just say, I’ve had a corporate job for five years, I have all of my years. I put in the workforce for decades now. I had a design business and I was just stuck in this comparison and self-doubt. I look at other web designs or I’d look at other logo designs and never, and just think that my work just wasn’t very good. Even though, it was good. I was just stuck in comparison Kryptonite. That’s my kryptonite is comparative.


[00:36:17] AW: Comparative Kryptonite.


[00:36:19] LT: That is one that I deal with all the time. So I had my business for about 12 years. I had my child and I was just like, I got to do things differently. I’m going to go work at Starbucks, right? That seems to always be outright like –


[00:36:35] AW: Yeah. Because you got –


[00:36:38] LT: I got to go work at Starbucks. So I returned to and I looked at my natal chart and I hadn’t looked at my natal chart in some years. I was like, “Oh, look at all this.” Of course, I been a professional branders. I knew everything that you needed in brands, like your positioning and your differentiations and your values. I was like, “Oh, look, in our astrology chart. It’s spelled out right there.”


Then I started positioning my business using my astrology chart. I felt so free. I felt so liberated. I finally felt I wasn’t comparing or copying somebody else. That’s when I knew I had something really special. So once I decided to fully weave in astrology into my branding business, then that’s where things really started taking off, because I was using my own star powers. I was guiding my clients to use their star powers. That’s how I use astrology and then of course, I’m always looking at it. Like why am I having such a tired day today? Why is this so hard today?


[00:37:44] AW: Right, right. Go back and look, because it’s written in the stars.


[00:37:50] LT: It’s written in the stars, it is. It’s not that we’re faded, right? I just I want to be super clear about that. It’s not that we’re faded, like you said earlier. We get to make choices. The stars are always asking us, okay, they’re asking questions. How are you going to use this energy today? Are you going to fight against it or are you going to work with it?


[00:38:09] AW: Yeah. Absolutely, I think it is, it’s another tool that we can use, right? Not determinative, because I personally believe we all have free will to make choices every day, like you said. That it is another tool to help us understand the energies that are moving around us, because whether you tap into them or not, they are, they’re moving around. So it just gives us another little bit of insight, something to grasp onto if it resonates to help us get to where we’re trying to go and help us to understand what’s going on, in real time in our world and in our lives.


[00:38:44] LT: I have a question for you, Asha.


[00:38:46] AW: Yeah.


[00:38:47] LT: Thinking about spirituality, this spiritual revolution that we’re about to embark on or have this expansion in. When I see your chart, I see you as somebody who’s very, very spiritual, as someone that is really bringing in like those tools from your ancestors and I’m curious what’s coming up for you?


[00:39:08] AW: Yeah. Well, I would say that I’m in probably for about the last year and a couple of months in this period of spiritual awakening. Since, I started working with a shout out to Keisha Frasier, who does Mindset or used to do mindset coaching, but as moved into spiritual healing and things like that, and just got deeper into examining myself and figuring out what these things were, that were coming up. In December my dad died and then I feel like that opened up. I think, sometimes when you’re in pain or in this emotional state, it’s easier to go deeper, because you’re already raw. You don’t have the defenses up that we normally have right through our daily lives –


[00:39:46] LT: You’re already cracked open.


[00:39:47] AW: Absolutely, right. Yeah. I started doing more deep dives and things like that. People always say, “Oh, you’re intuitive.” I’m like, “I don’t know that I’m intuitive. I don’t hear stuff. I don’t see stuff.” But my intuition, I have learned through more education is this clear cognizance, which means I just know things. I can look at someone, I can talk to someone. I will just have this knowing about what’s going on with them emotionally or where they’re stuck at or what the things are that they need to work through, but it scared me a little bit, because I didn’t want to be judgmental. I didn’t want to make assumptions about people, because I’ve seen assumptions made. So I’m still learning how to trust that my intuition is guiding me along the way.


I think, that everything that I do to prepare myself to be on the podcast to be creating content for people. I am tapping into my own spiritual powers and strengths first and using that, as the encouragement. So when someone is stuck on something, I am talking to them and encouraging them from a place of my own spiritual enlightenment, I suppose. I’m not necessarily explaining it to them. Well, this is what intuition told me. I’m just using that as I am talking to and coaching with people. I don’t know that I will have a “spiritual business” one day, but I will certainly continue to run business and run my life from the spiritually empowered and intoned place.


[00:41:16] LT: That brings me so much joy to hear Asha. When we first did your reading, I guess earlier in the year, I was like, “Hold on, there’s something you’re not using as your [inaudible 00:41:27] are you sure?”


[00:41:29] AW: Right, right, right, right. It was, I think, it was August. Actually, August 2020 is when I had my first reading.


[00:41:35] LT: Oh, I see.


[00:41:36] AW: Yeah.


[00:41:37] LT: That is so wonderful to hear, because in your chart is just, I love what you said. It’s like letting go of judgment and learning how to trust your intuition. If I may add one thing just for you, it’s like when you get that clear cognizant knowing, and you’re not quite there to trust it yet. Lead with curiosity, ask questions, ask it to validate itself, as you’re learning to create that relationship, because you have a very strong intuitive powers and even what you do in your firm and everything. In that work, it’s very intuitive as well. The more that you lean on that intuitive part, the easier it’s going to become.


[00:42:17] AW: Yeah. I think, every training that I’ve had in my life has taught me not to do that. I mean, I’m an attorney, right? You got to have the evidence –


[00:42:24] LT: Logic, logic.


[00:42:26] AW: Totally. Totally logical and even just stuff from childhood, people either validating or invalidating the feelings that I have, when I would call stuff out. The gas lighting that would come behind it like, “No, that’s not true. You’re just sensitive.” Stuff like that. I am now at 38 years old learning. I guess I started working on this about a little over a year ago, but learning how to trust myself again, until re-awaken that part of myself that I, I guess, I’d learned to turn off as a kid or just put it to the side or hurt it, but didn’t trust it, didn’t really know what it was. That’s where I am on my journey.


 [00:43:03] LT: So excited. I’m so excited to hear that update, because I’m looking at your chart, your chart is singing.


[00:43:10] AW: Is it. Well, that’s good. That’s a good thing when you’re chart sing. That’s awesome. Well, Leslie, you have been such a powerful presence in my business journey and even just personal development journey in the past year and a half or so. I just want to say thank you for that. I also want to give people an opportunity to connect with you. If they want to either have a business astrology reading, or sign up for some of your classes, or purchase some of your books or just follow you on social media for all the goodness that you give, where should they find you and connect with you?


[00:43:49] LT: Yes. Well, I have a podcast with by weekly episodes, Astrology for Entrepreneurs. The podcast is called The Savvy Luminary. You can always go to that website, thesavvyluminary.com. I have a free gift for your listeners, if they would a highlight report for 2022. Then it has all the different ways that you can work with me. So if you head on over to thesavvyluminary.com/transcend, you can download a 2022 in the stars highlights that’ll give you just an bird’s eye view of what’s up and in store and how you might want to work with me in the future.

[00:44:27] AW: Awesome. Thank you, Leslie, so much. It’s such a pleasure to have you on here. I am sure, I think, I should do this every year. So the longest it’ll be another 12 months and hopefully it’ll be much shorter than that. But I would love to have you back. Thank you so much for your time and your talents and for your gift that you have given to the world and given to me and to the listeners. Thank you so much.


[00:44:50] LT: Thank you Asha, for having me, such a pleasure.




[00:44:57] AW: Hey there. Thanks for listening. I really hope that you enjoyed the episode this week. I am so, so grateful for to have you here. I hope that you are ready and feeling empowered to build your own business. You are needed, you are important and I want to support you. If you have just started a new business and you’re not sure what to do next. I’ve got a great checklist for you to download, called the New Business Checklist. Head on over to transcendthemembership.com/checklist and put your name and your email into the box and you’ll get the checklist instantly.


Also, I want to ask you one more favor. If you want to interact with me on a daily basis, head on over to Instagram and follow my account @ashawilkersonesq on IG, I post on there daily. Can’t wait to answer your questions and begin the conversation. Talk to you soon.



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