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On this podcast, we help you focus on what matters most so you can build a thriving business and leave a legacy.

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Each week, the show explores key concepts for growing your business. You’ll hear from fellow entrepreneurs, thought leaders and industry experts. They share their insights on overcoming mindset blocks and strategies for growing your business in a thoughtful, sustainable way.

Hosted by Asha Wilkerson, Esq.

Asha Wilkerson, Esq. is an attorney by training, and an educator at heart and the host of  TRANSCEND the podcast. Asha Wilkerson takes great pride in working with and teaching BIPOC entrepreneurs about business formation, contract creation, and liability reduction. She is committed to helping entrepreneurs of color not only start businesses, but also stay in business for years to come. 

Be stubborn about your goals, but be flexible about your methods.” – Asha Wilkerson, Esq. Episode Summary: Welcome to the 50th episode of Transcend the Podcast! I’m excited to celebrate this win with you by sharing three lessons I’ve learned throughout the past 50 episodes, from the power of consistency

No one else can make you feel ashamed. No one else can make you feel embarrassed. That is something we choose to look at and internalize for ourselves.” – Asha Wilkerson, Esq. Episode Summary: Whether you like it or not, your business reflects you. If your business is struggling, it

I felt like if I weren’t contributing $500, $600, $1000, or $2,000 a month to a savings account, or to a retirement account, then it wouldn’t be enough. Because even though $100 felt like a lot for me to give up, $100 didn’t feel like enough for me to try

I think as women of color, we have a unique perspective that is missing from many conversations, and this is our chance to step up and step into it and own that individual experience and expertise.” – Noelia Sanchez Episode Summary: This week, on the podcast, we have Noelia Sanchez

It’s about getting through the mindset stuff and identifying those limiting beliefs and rewiring them so that the subconscious is actually working with your conscious mind and not against you.” – Asha Wilkerson, Esq. Episode Summary: Hey, y’all. Welcome back to another episode of Transcend the podcast. Thank you for

When you learn to say ‘no’ to things that don’t serve you, you welcome in opportunities that do support you.” – Evie Prete Episode Summary: In this episode, we will be talking about the art of negotiation with Evie Prete. Evie is your local Badass helping people tap into their

Our emotions are so tied to money. Our mental health is so tied to money. If you have ADHD, depression, anxiety; if you’re on the spectrum, if you have other diagnoses, those will have an influence, for better or for worse, on how you handle money.” – Deborah Johnson Miranda

Insurance isn’t as expensive as we might think. So be upfront with your agent, ask all the questions that you think are silly, and make them explain it to you until you are comfortable and know exactly what you’re paying for.” – Asha Wilkerson, Esq. Episode Summary: As a business

The reason I left public accounting wasn’t because of the work. It was the micromanagement and corporate politics that I just did not see myself having longevity in those situations.” – Chika Obih, CPA Episode Summary: Taxes can be a daunting part of any business owner’s life, but they do

For anybody with a product-based business, you should always find out what the trade show is for your industry because it exposes you to hundreds of retailers looking to bring products into their stores.” – Candice Cox Episode Summary: Established in 2011, CanDid Art is an artisanal jewelry, home décor,