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On this podcast, we help you focus on what matters most so you can build a thriving business and leave a legacy.

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Each week, the show explores key concepts for growing your business. You’ll hear from fellow entrepreneurs, thought leaders and industry experts. They share their insights on overcoming mindset blocks and strategies for growing your business in a thoughtful, sustainable way.

Hosted by Asha Wilkerson, Esq.

Asha Wilkerson, Esq. is an attorney by training, and an educator at heart and the host of  TRANSCEND the podcast. Asha Wilkerson takes great pride in working with and teaching BIPOC entrepreneurs about business formation, contract creation, and liability reduction. She is committed to helping entrepreneurs of color not only start businesses, but also stay in business for years to come. 

Be unapologetically [yourself]. When you do that in your business, it gives you so much more freedom and space to get the abundance that you actually want within your business.” – Vanessa Zamy Episode Summary: If you’ve reached a point in your entrepreneurial journey where you feel like your business

By having health insurance as one of your benefits, you are building a healthier workforce… And in doing so, you’re going to get more productivity out of your employees, less absenteeism, and actually carrying health insurance lowers your worker’s compensation costs, too.” Karen Ball Episode Summary: As you may know,

One of the things that I have really adopted is this saying of ‘when I say no, I’m powerfully saying yes to something that’s more in alignment with what I want to be doing, how I want to spend my time where I want to put my energy towards” –

It takes a lot of trial and error to build a business and it becomes really easy to put the blame on somebody else when things aren’t going the way that you want them to.” – Asha Wilkerson, Esq. Episode Summary: Should you go into business with your boo? Our

If your books aren’t in order, you can forget about easily passing on your business wealth and about being able to sell your business.” – Asha Wilkerson, Esq. Episode Summary: While you may be focused on creating a business and leaving a financial legacy, how do you go about actually

I help values-lead entrepreneurs create more peace, ease, and revenue through aligning their business with their authentic self.” – Mae Chan. Episode Summary: The business of our dreams is often not as far off as it can feel, and finding a path to our success does not have to be

Sometimes, you have to take yourself out of the equation and remember that your quest to build your business is bigger than you. It’s a mission to provide for your family. It’s a mission to change how individuals who look like you are perceived in your community.” – Asha Wilkerson,

One of the things that helps me become a better landlord, a better investor, is all of the little tips I get from the interviews on the [BiggerPockets] podcast or going through the forum and looking for answers.” – Steven Tran. Episode Summary: Real estate is considered one of the

You are the creator and the curator of your own life, you are the creator and the curator of your own business, and you have more power than what you think, but your power lies within taking ownership of your thoughts and taking responsibility and accountability for your actions.” –

Be stubborn about your goals, but be flexible about your methods.” – Asha Wilkerson, Esq. Episode Summary: Welcome to the 50th episode of Transcend the Podcast! I’m excited to celebrate this win with you by sharing three lessons I’ve learned throughout the past 50 episodes, from the power of consistency