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5 Reasons Why The Wilkerson Law Office Should Be Your Startup Attorney

About The Wilkerson Law Office

The Wilkerson Law Office is a full service business and employment law firm located in the heart of downtown Oakland.  We are committed to providing you with legal solutions for small and midsize business so that you can enter the game and stay for a while.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality legal representation at an affordable price so you can focus doing what you love in your business.

What Makes Us Different from Other Law Firms?

We are different from the traditional model of business and employment law firms because you are very important to us. We do not have a practice where our clients are just a number on the wheel. We like to develop strong relationships with our clients and dive into your business, whether it is a retail store, a restaurant, or a fitness facility so that we know exactly what you need.We walk clients through the entity formation phase and all the way to hiring and maintaining employees.

So, if that kind of a model sounds good to you and if you want a new power partner for your business, reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to work with you so that your business can grow and thrive for a long time to come.